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  • Preparation and filing of Articles of Organization, including filing fees
  • One Certified Original of the Filed Articles of Organization, including Certification fee
  • Hand Delivery of Articles to the Secretary of State for in-person filing submission and pick up when the Articles are ready (this does not include electronic filings)
  • Unlimited Name Availability Searches
  • Apply for and obtain Federal Employer’s Identification Number (FEIN) – Fed Tax ID No.
  • Preparation and filing of Initial Statement of Information, includes filing fees
  • One Stamped Copy of the filed Statement of Information, includes copy request fees, if applicable
  • LLC Kit: (Minute Book with LLC Name Embossed on Spine, includes slip case, Company Seal, Member Certificates with Corporate Name Imprinted, Operating Agreement  and Forms Templates included with kit)
  • Free Fed Ex Ground Shipping
  • Unlimited, ongoing phone and email support
LLC Electronic Filing The Secretary of State now allows us to file California LLCs electronically. The process currently takes about 4 to 5 business days. This is a great option for fast processing at a huge savings! Unfortunately, 24-hour expedited filings are not yet able to be electronically filed.

Standard RUSH processing is (hand delivery of document submission to the CA Secretary of State). The Standard Rush fee covers payment of additional filing fees to State for in-person filing, and expedites the State’s processing time. While Standard RUSH processing typically takes about one week for the State to process, the State is operating with a limited staff, and taking approximately 45 days to process. Electronic filing is highly recommended when possible and applicable.

24 Hour Expedited UPDATE: The CA Secretary of State is not accepting 24-Hour Expedited filings until further notice.

REGISTERED AGENT/AGENT FOR SERVICE OF PROCESS: A Registered Agent is required to be named. The CA Registered Agent must have a physical address in California. You may use your own Registered Agent located in California, or select ECS Registered Agent to be your CA Corporate Registered Agent for $75/year. If you select this option, an additional $75 will be added to your order to cover the first year of service.